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My Story

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My biggest passion…shared

I have been flying for over eight years and will never stop. There is a calming feeling you get flying above the clouds that can't be replaced. As a commercial pilot I have flown all over North American receiving training in Alaska, Arizona, New Jersey, and Toronto. This gift is for a once in a lifetime experience flying around Nova Scotia all in the hopes to raise money for a good cause. Valued at $500 I am happy to donate this gift to most silent actions or as an incentive. Choose where you want to fly or I can take you on some of my favorite routes ranging in time from 45 minutes to an hour. You and two others will come excited and leave thankful. Thankful we have these opportunities in life. I'm super pumped to share this with you!  

If you have any question please feel free to reach out to me through Instagram. Thank you and I look forward to seeing you in the sky.