Unfortunately with the looming question if the Gin Gin is able to find a veterinarian or not, hanging over our heads. We decided to scrap the idea and go to a different race a little farther away which is a 200-mile race as well. 

The Knik 200 starts on Saturday vs Friday giving us an extra day to pack. Also, enables Ken to sled with me for my first race!! Winning! 

I took the dogs out for a short 9 mile run yesterday just so they were not sitting for three days in a row. Just as I was getting ready to pull out, Josh gets back from grooming the trail and walks over to me. He says, "you know how to use one of these?" And hands we a handgun. After walking me through how to use it he says "there's a moose on the trail, I've scared it off however it could come back!" After putting the gun in my sled he says, "If it gets near fire a shot in the ground or the air to scare him off!"

Haha. Never shooting a handgun before I took it hoping not to have to use it. On the way out I didn't see a moose and also on the way back. No moose. That's a happy ending to a run if you ask me. 

The rest of the night I continued packing my stuff and now we are off to Knik 200 which starts tomorrow morning!! :)