There has recently been a pyridine shift in my mind knowing that there is under a month until the Iditarod. Five months ago when I got back to Alaska everything seemed so far away, now the days are flying by with most of my remaining time booked with packing drops backs for the 16 checkpoints on the Iditarod, vet checks, friends visiting, and the meetings the Iditarod has us booked for. 

This experience has already been life-changing one and I'm already starting to miss it. Getting away on an adventure allows you to take a moment and get out of the bubble at home and think outside of the box to solve your problems. Time alone to think has to be one of the most valuable things that most people don't get enough of or are scared of. In my experience, I was scared of it. In fact, I almost didn't come up to Alaska last year to dog sled knowing I was going to be living in a dry cabin by myself. Standing at the doorstep of the Iditarod I have grown over this two years; more than I have over any other two years in my life. I stand here confident and excited for the challenge ahead. 

Like I said this experience is flying by. I just finished my last middle distance race a few days ago and was hit with emotion when crossing this finish line. Emotions lefts me thinking back on all the fun it has been up to this point. The people I met and the scary situations I put myself into. Knowing that these are coming to an end soon with only the Iditarod left I couldn't help but feel a little sad.